Bekah & Eliel | Wedding in the Mountains in Vinton, VA


Pure joy. Watch as Bekah and Eliel forge a new bond surrounded by their friends and family in the mountains of Virginia    ❦


Joseph and Aarika  |  Wedding in the Garden in Greenville, SC


Joseph and Aarika joined their lives at a beautiful garden ceremony near Spartanburg, SC. This wedding video brings out their goofiness and humble love for one another as it follows the emotion and fun of the day.    ❦


Heather and Charles  |  A Wedding by the Sea in Virginia Beach, VA


Heather and Charles said their vows in a place they know and love - the seaside. This wedding video follows their big day in Virginia Beach, VA.    ❦

Thank you so much for capturing our wedding and reception in such an absolutely amazing, magical, and heart warming way. We’ve received numerous comments from family and friends on how wonderfully it reflects our special day. One we will always cherish.
— Heather and Charles S.

Virginia and Andrew  |  Intimate Backyard Ceremony in Norfolk, VA


In this wedding video, Virginia and Andrew say their vows in an intimate backyard ceremony. It was fun in the sun at this heartfelt wedding in Norfolk, VA.   ❦

You perfectly captured the day with creativity and skill, from the big, visible moments, to the intimate exchanges of glances and smiles when we didn’t think anyone was watching. I’ve watched our video over and over and over and over again, and we are so thankful we got to work with Dogwood Visual.
— Virginia and Andrew S.